I'm sorry for calling it Bombdle

In Counter-Strike, the bomb makes a unique noise based on which site it is planted at. Can you guess the site based on the sound?

Here is a picture that I am linking.

That one cat that you always see on youtube profile pictures

It may possibly be illegal to access CSGO's fonts that they are hosting themselves using cloudflare lol can someone tell me if that's allowed or what. btw click this.


In Counter-Strike, the bomb makes a different noise depending on whether it's planted at A or B.

Realistically? Nope. Nuke is the only active duty map that has a bombsite on top of the other. Because Counter-Strike has no vertical audio, the bomb planted at both sites will appear to come from the exact same direction.

No. The B site was given its own sound on 2 August 2018. Link to patch notes.

Here's an example of shox not realizing the bomb is planted on B: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=JN80EzC7xcc.

I thought it would be cool and a fun little project.